Celebrating 30 years as an ensemble in 2025, the GRAMMY-nominated quartet's new album Home explores the many meanings of “home” through works by four Pulitzer Prize-winning American composers, including two new commissions by Kevin Puts and Caroline Shaw paired with works by George Walker and Samuel Barber.

Miró Quartet shares, “This album is the culmination of a long and creative process of discovery, exploring our relationships with living composers as well as exploring and recording the existing core repertoire of American string quartet music. It has been an exciting musical journey that ultimately has brought us home as musicians in a new and special way. To us, Home represents stability and safety, yet human life is a journey of constant change, acquisition and loss. We travel away from our origins, and hopefully onwards towards our goals, our vision of true home. And as much as needing and having a home is a universal experience, leaving a home and starting life’s journey out on one’s own is also a pivotal moment of growth for every one of us."

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